Griddlesode #S2-003: Lumpuckarooie

In this Griddlesode, Ron talks about questioning assumptions in an installment of “Daddy Don’t Catch on Fire” called “Lumpuckarooie.”

Thanks to John and Carin from The M Show for today’s intro, thanks to listener Chuck for his audio comments, and thanks to Joe and Mike of The Sales Roundup Podcast—not only for their for their audio comment but for introducing our show to Listener Chuck.


  1. Great show as always Ron, also I loved The Other Ron’s little ditty about Pluto at the beginning of the show.

  2. I got two different thought processes from this episode! First, all the funny words, sayings, and tales we have. Co-cola (for coke, which includes all soda here in the South). I could think of tons more! Like when it rains while the sun is out we were told that the devil is hitting his wife on the head with a frying pan!
    The other challenge you had for us is to question our beliefs. How profound is that. We will either confirm what we thought, or maybe expand our horizons and learn something new. That is a golden lesson.
    Thanks for another great episode.
    Susan in Georgia

  3. Ogh I think I’ll see you at the bar buddy!

  4. Hi again! Just wanted to tell you what a great storyteller you are. I find myself laughing out loud during a lot of your shows. By the way our family has some weird words too,but my parents like keeping them secret. Sorry. Well, just wanted to say that you are one of my favorite podcasters.