Musical Submissions



As most of you know, I like to use independent music in my productions. As a storyteller, finding the right piece of music to augment my stories is very important to set the mood, make a transition, or to underscore a point.

Recently, I’ve been contacted by a few musicians who’ve asked me to review their work for possible inclusion in a future Griddlesode. In order to make it easier for other musicians, here are some “Submission Guidelines.”

If you’d like to submit your music for future consideration in a Griddlesode:

  • Send an email to griddlecakes[at] Please put “Music Submission: (name of artist)” in the title. This will help me categorize the request for future reference.
  • Griddlecakes Radio only plays Podsafe Music, which allows us to legally play your music royalty-free.
  • Instead of sending music files as email attachments, please provide a link where I can hear your music.

How I find my music…or how it finds me:


First of all, Griddlecakes Radio is not a “Music” show. I’m not a DJ that looks for music that appeals to me and then plays songs in their entirety. Rather, I’m like a film/television music supervisor, who’s trying to align music with content in order to tell a better story.

To me, it’s a very exciting creative process and I have NEVER been able to predict exactly how the final product will come out. All I know is that as I’m editing, that the story and the music start to collaborate with one another. Two artists, a storyteller and a musician, without even knowing one another, are collaborating with their art to create something new.

And none of this would happen, without the artists who support this type collaborative work. Thank you for all that you do.