Griddlesode #26: Young Man/Old Guy

In this Griddlesode, Ron apologizes for breaking format, talks about a new Storytelling category in one of the podcast directories, and then tells a story called “Young Man/Old Guy.”

On this Griddlesode, we featured:

  • “Sorry” by: Sarah Stiles
  • “Old Guys” by: deshead
  • “007” by: Charlie Crowe

Due to the demise of The Podsafe Music Network/Mevio, we’ve removed all of the broken links and have attempted to replace them with direct links to the artist’s properties. If you are the artist and would like us to update these links, please contact us at griddlecakes*at*


  1. Old man or not, we still like you!

  2. See! This is why I never played sports.
    I hear what you’re saying, Ron. I tend not to think too much about it, though. I figure my body is doing all that by itself, it doesn’t need any help or acknowlegement from my brain.