Griddlesode #31: The Road to Hana

In this Griddlesode, Ron hosts the show from the a beach in the town of Kihei, on the island of Maui. During the show, we play some listener feedback, talk about how Ron got to Hawaii and then tell a story called “The Road To Hana.”

On this Griddlesode, we featured in order of appearance:

  • “Hawaii 5-0” by: Eric Kauschen
  • “Thunder Bolt Beach” by: This Spy Surfs
  • “Judy’s Got a Stickshift” by: The Hot Rods
  • “Negative 9” by: Fullblown
  • “Spectre Swing” by: This Spy Surfs

Lastly, if you are in Maui, and want to drive the “Road To Hana,” pick-up a copy of the CD Narration called “Driving the Hana Coast: Narrated CD Tour by Craig Henderson.”

  A view from the side of the road   Another view from the side of the road
A view from the side of the road Another view from the side of the road
 A cave on a black sand beach A waterfall... with more fall than water
A cave on a black sand beach A waterfall… with more fall than water

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  1. Thanks, Ron. *Very* interesting episode. (Though you really should’ve included the “as legend has it” disclaimer before all the “60,000,000 years” nonsense… )

  2. Enjoyed the story Ron. As you know, we had our honeymoon in Maui. We tried to go to Hana also. Saw the dried up falls. Went through a rain forest, I believe. About half way there, we turned around, back to the hotel. It was taking too long, and we had other important things to take care of .