Griddlesode #32: The Toboggan

In this Griddlesode, the “other Ron” discusses his vacation, we hear some listener feedback, and then Ron tells a winter story called “The Toboggan.”

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following artists in order of apearance:

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  1. So, “the other Ron” was in my head, eh? That explains why I felt this sudden urge to berate random people, places and things. It was mostly harmless fun, until that incident with the mounted police officer on Boston Common. Tell “the other Ron,” he has an appearance in Suffolk County Superior Court on the 15th of next month.

  2. The "other Ron" |

    That sounds like fun, Clinton! But I gotta ask—Do you really want me there testifying on your behalf?

  3. Glad to hear the “other Ron” got to have a vacation too.
    I can relate to your story; earlier this summer I managed to badly sprain my ankle sliding into second base playing softball. One thing I found out is that as you get older, the time it takes to heal increases expotentially! This happen back on June 06 and I still have some swelling after 10 weeks.
    Thanks again for a cool story!

  4. Kevin from FirstPersonShow |

    Ron, Great childhood memories. We didn’t get much snow near Dallas, so we didn’t really have the right winter clothes. When we had snow I remember my mom kitting all four of us boys with plastic Wonder Bread bags over our socks to try to insulate our feet from the wet of the snow. I wonder if anyone else ever used this method. My Mom’s always had great original ideas.

  5. Shane in Phoenix |

    Great show as always. I have scanned the cover and envelope and will gmail them after this post.
    Shane Shellenbarger

  6. Christy- Psycheology |

    Poor, poor Ron! I finally got to listen to the end tonight (after discovering that iTunes somehow stopped my download after “The time had come…”)– OUCH!

  7. Susan ( |

    I have two boys, ages 11 and 7 so I could totally get into your Toboggan story…..even here in HOTLANTA! But now that I’m a mom, I heard that story through mom ears and “Have fun but don’t get hurt” sounds so like something I would say! I’m so coinvicted!
    I LOVED hearing you on Podcast 411 too. It’s been a great week!