Griddlesode S3-008: My First Social Network

In this Griddlesode Ron tells a story called: My First Social Network

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following artists:

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  1. Happy New Year (well it is here in Cambridge, England)

  2. Great story!! I enjoyed this one very much.
    And happy new year

  3. Glen McFarlane - Sydney Australia |

    Great Griddlesode Ron and I look forward to the next one, when ever it may come. Oh and I bought the song from iTunes. It brought back far too many memories to resist. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Do they still use CB radios or have they given way to cell phones? All I ever had was a walkie talkie. Kids these days ALL have cell phones… they don’t know what they’re missing! We’ll be looking forward to the next one when ever that may be.

  5. Brings back lots of memories Ron. My father did some trucking
    in the late 70s and used a CB alot. Of course I remember the
    song. Indeed I own a copy. Do you remember the Movie
    Convoy staring Kris Kristofferson as Rubber Duck? Funny. And
    funny how I, like most folks forgot those simpler days. Seems
    we were a lot more civil to each other when we only had
    Smokeys to watch out for.
    brother had a CBI own the song

  6. Yes, I do remember Kris Kristofferson as Rubber Duck! And don’t forget about Smokey and the Bandit.

  7. Nice one, Ron.
    I didn’t own a CB during the craze, but knew many people that did. It was fun to listen to them talk in that language that is theirs alone.
    Glad to hear the show will be back from time to time!

  8. were is ron? i miss the show

  9. Well, I was just introduced to your podcast by my brother who remembered the days, or should I say nights that I was on the C.B. radio until the weeee hours of the morning. I used to belong to a cb radio club that had over 250 members and when we had a Coffee Break, we had to get a hall and get people to serve food and drinks. Those days still live on for me and the people that ruled channel 20 and 14. We even had a contest that the furthust traveled person would get a throphy. Thanks for the memories!

  10. Welcome aboard, Bill!
    Glad to have a fellow CBer as a listener.

  11. Daniel Johnson,Jr. |

    Hi Ron! When I was 20, my 18 year old sister bought CBs for both of us as we travelled from Cincinnati, Ohio to Houston, Texas at Christmastime. The CB was our lifeline during that trip as we ran into some rough weather and road conditions.
    I wouldn’t mind getting a CB again.