Griddlesode S3-009: Preamble to Disaster

In this Griddlesode Ron tells a story called: Preamble to Disaster

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following artists:

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Due to the demise of The Podsafe Music Network/Mevio, we’ve removed all of the broken links and have attempted to replace them with direct links to the artist’s properties. If you are the artist and would like us to update these links, please contact us at griddlecakes*at*


  1. What a pleasant surprise this cold, cold morning in Wisconsin. Thank you Ron. Your stories are the best.

  2. I can just imagine the body shaped hole in the ground where you hit… just like in cartoons! Glad you made it through to become an excellent story teller!

  3. Glad to hear a new Griddlesode. Thanks Ron and Other Ron. Was excellent as always

  4. Old Guy—Glad I could warm up Wisconsin a little.
    JTM—Perhaps it was the bump on the noggin that turned me into a storyteller
    CoolB—Glad to be back

  5. Thanks for the surprise Ron. I loved the griddlesode, and I’m so glad you got a chance to make a new show.
    Jake B.