Griddlesode S9-002: Windows to the Soul

In this Griddlesode, Ron tells the story of loss and important life lessons.

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following songs:


  1. Another great story Ron. That’s why I stay subscribed. But you are too good a storyteller to go so long between them.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I’m stealing every bit of time that I can to create ‘em. :-)

  3. This story was heart breakingly great. I felt like I was there in the room w/ your clan. I’m sorry for your losses. I have been listening to your podcasts since the beginning, and I stay subscribed, looking each week for something new. Even though I’ve found some fun new podcasts to listen to, you’re still one of my favs, and I miss the weekly stories. I think I used to anticipate those more than my favorite tv shows each week.

  4. Thanks for staying subscribed, Susan. I really do enjoy producing the show and LOVE hearing from listeners.

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