Posts made in 2005

Griddlesode #10: 2005/2006 Ford Mustang

In this Griddlesode we…

  1. Apologize for a mistake in Griddlesode #9.
  2. Talk about the evil genius who came up with the 2005-2006 Ford Mustang
  3. Play two promos, the first for Podcast411 and the second for History Podcast
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Griddlesode #9: The Birth of a Disclaimer

In this Griddlesode we…

  1. Read an email that came to Ron by mistake
  2. Talk about lawyers and advertising folks
  3. Listen in on a business meeting that illustrates how those long disclaimers at the end of commercials come to be.
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Griddlesode #8: New Economy Consultants

In this Griddlesode, we…

  1. Finally, acknowledge Bryan as the voice of the cell phone salesman in Griddlesode #6. Thanks, Bryan!
  2. Discuss the best way to predict the future of technologies…
  3. Poke a little fun at “new economy consultants” in our sketch.
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Griddlesode #7: Wally Schirra

In this Griddlesode, we discuss:

  1. Griddlecakes Radio is finally listed on iTunes!
  2. Some ideas for the future of the show
  3. The second installment of “Daddy Don’t Catch on Fire” as Ron explains two life lessons that he learned from one of the original seven Mercury astronauts, Wally Schirra.
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Griddlesode #6: Buying a Cell Phone

In this Griddlesode, we ponder the question “Is there such a thing as too much technological innovation?” Then we finish by listening in on a man who’s trying to buy a cell phone.

I just listened back to the show and noticed that I forgot to credit my son (my only son!) Bryan for playing the part of the cell phone salesman.  Sorry about that Bryan…I’ll make it up to you in Griddlesode #7.


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