Griddlesode #S2-021: The “i” Word

In this Griddlesode, Ron has a little fun with Apple and the iPhone, with a sketch called The “i” Word

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following listeners in order of appearance:

And thanks to Tim from The Weekly Dose Music Podcast.  Umm…as I was listening back to the show, I misnamed the show as “The Daily Dose.” Oops!  Sorry Tim!  I’ll make good in Griddlesode S2-022!

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Griddlesode #29: The Linguine Code

In this Griddlesode, we play a satirical skit called: “The Linguine Code” with special guest voices from:

If you are interested, here is The Linguine Code Script

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Griddlesode #14: Ye Olde Wikipedia

On today’s Griddlesode, we share some more listener feedback, play “The Twelve Days of Podcasting,” talk about Wikipedia-gate, and lastly, finish up with a sketch that shows how our founding fathers had to deal with the exact same problem when it came to documenting American history.

Thanks to Scott Fletcher from Podcheck Review for sending me the ID used at the beginning of the show.


Thanks to the cast of The Twelve Days of Podcasting, which include:

And lastly, thanks to listener Christy for providing the voice of Thomas Jefferson’s Secretary in the sketch called “Ye Olde Wikipedia.”

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Griddlesode #9: The Birth of a Disclaimer

In this Griddlesode we…

  1. Read an email that came to Ron by mistake
  2. Talk about lawyers and advertising folks
  3. Listen in on a business meeting that illustrates how those long disclaimers at the end of commercials come to be.
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Griddlesode #8: New Economy Consultants

In this Griddlesode, we…

  1. Finally, acknowledge Bryan as the voice of the cell phone salesman in Griddlesode #6. Thanks, Bryan!
  2. Discuss the best way to predict the future of technologies…
  3. Poke a little fun at “new economy consultants” in our sketch.
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