Griddlesode #6: Buying a Cell Phone

In this Griddlesode, we ponder the question “Is there such a thing as too much technological innovation?” Then we finish by listening in on a man who’s trying to buy a cell phone.

I just listened back to the show and noticed that I forgot to credit my son (my only son!) Bryan for playing the part of the cell phone salesman.  Sorry about that Bryan…I’ll make it up to you in Griddlesode #7.



  1. Ya, you better, or else youll lose ure only critic

  2. Clayton Browne |

    Is Dad the one and only Stan Freberg?
    -Just a fan, wondering out loud…

  3. Sorry, Clayton. I’m not the big guy…just a huge fan too.

  4. Wow, first time listening to your podcast. It’s great and I hope to hear more soon.