Griddlesode #S2-013: The Fisherman’s Cup

In this Griddlesode, Ron tells a special historical story called: “The Fisherman’s Cup”

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following recording artists in order of appearance:

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And thanks to Mrs B. of Mrs B’s Patriot World Podcast for lending her voice to today’s story.

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  1. Thanks for playing Karmyn’s music on your podcast. It gave me a new podcast to listen to. Love the show. It took me back to the old days of radio (before TV) when you had to use your imagination. Karmyn is in Disneyworld and may not be able to hear the show until she comes home but she will love it. You have a great voice for listening!!

  2. Karmyn Tyler |

    Hi Ron, I love my voice message. Thanks for taking the time to do it and playing my music on your story telling podcast. You are awesome!!

  3. Christa Knits |

    Hi Ron.. I’ve been listening for a few months (loaded up on episodes for the bus ride home for Christmas, kept up since), sorry for waiting until now to tell you how much I’m enjoying listening to your stories.

    Today’s story about the Bluenose really caught me.. in a way that no teacher of Social Studies (I failed three years in a row in high school) ever managed to do. I’ve always planned to make a trip across Canada (currently thinking that a train trip would be lovely), and now I have a new interest in heading to the Maritimes, and will be thinking of different things when I get to an East Coast harbour, instead of “Huh. Big boats. Wonder if it is really like that Perfect Storm movie out there?”

    As engaging as your other episodes have been (the Challenger? Woo!).. I’m tempted to ask you to spend a bit more time on this side of the Border.. maybe a tale of the Gold Rush up into Barkerville? Or a story about the birth of basketball in my parents’ hometown of Almonte, Ontario? (there may even be some scandal in that one, because I’m pretty sure I’ve heard an American town claiming the same thing.

    So, please? Pretty please? Would you tell me more of Canada?

  4. Another great episode, Ron! I’m a sucker for a sea story, but this one was extraordinary!

  5. Dave (San Ramon, CA) |

    Still loving the podcast, Ron. Can’t wait to hear how this ties in to your grandparents. The multi-part epic style works really well, keeps me coming back for more. (Aw, I’d come back anyway.)
    Nice to hear Karmyn’s voice again, too. Haven’t heard Drifting since Red Jazz pod-faded.

  6. Bob in Montreal |

    Thanks for including our “podmail” in your episide, Ron. We agree with the Other Ron though: that “Other Bob”? So obnoxious!
    A good episode. We look forward to the conclusion.
    Take care!