Griddlesode #18: Radio vs. Podcasting

In this Griddlesode, Ron talks about the differences between Radio and Podcasting, all while keeping an eye on the “other Ron” who is acting…err…strange.

Special thanks to John Wall of The M Show and Bruce Murray of The ZedCast for their wonderful work on this sketch!

And thanks to Steve Webb of LifeSpring! Podcast and Clinton Alvord of Comedy4Cast for giving me permission to use clips from their shows.

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Griddlesode #17: A Bad Week

In this Griddlesode, we talk about the geeky things I did during the holidays, introduce you to psycheology: audio burlesque podcast by listener Christy, and then introduce a new segment to the show called “Welcome to My World.” Today’s story is called, “A Bad Week.”

We also had an opportunity to use some wonderful podsafe music from three artists:

Intro Commentary: Affectionately Stumbled from Ernseto Sett
New Innovators Commentary: Just Looking from The Jerrys
Story “A Bad Week”: The Marionette from Two Star Symphony

Due to the demise of The Podsafe Music Network/Mevio, we’ve removed all of the broken links and have attempted to replace them with direct links to the artist’s properties. If you are the artist and would like us to update these links, please contact us at griddlecakes*at*

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