Griddlesode #18: Radio vs. Podcasting

In this Griddlesode, Ron talks about the differences between Radio and Podcasting, all while keeping an eye on the “other Ron” who is acting…err…strange.

Special thanks to John Wall of The M Show and Bruce Murray of The ZedCast for their wonderful work on this sketch!

And thanks to Steve Webb of LifeSpring! Podcast and Clinton Alvord of Comedy4Cast for giving me permission to use clips from their shows.


  1. Hey Ron,
    I’m listening right now to the show you recorded and will play it for my family this afternoon.
    It was, is, and will be a fun listen.

    Steve Webb

  2. Johnny M Show |

    Good stuff! Nice job putting it together!

  3. nice show! been listening for a while (backtracked and started with the first show)..
    keep up the good work.. your show is great for that commute (the other zhara pipes in “Cummute Monkey!”) to work

  4. The other Zhara |

    (sorry that’s Commute!)

  5. Funny! Good job!