Griddlesode #21: Homeowner’s Association

In this Griddlesode, we discuss the joys of living with a Homeowner’s Association.

And if you swung by the website to see if Ron indeed got his wind-wall, Click Here for the view from the backyard


  1. RON! You tease
    I listened to this episode while going to sleep last night, and then you make us come here to find the outcome
    Another great Griddlesode, well done.
    Russell – Dark Matters Astronomy Podcast

  2. Jeremy Vaught |

    Ron, this was a great episode! er Griddlesode! I was eagerly awaiting the outcome, but hoping the story would continue on.
    Great job Ron!

    Jeremy Vaught

  3. John (loyal griddleminion from Plano, TX) |

    As the Supreme Griddlemaster the Home Owner’s Association is lucky you didn’t smote them all with the Spatula of Justice!
    Congrats on the wall, it is beautiful!

  4. Awesome story!
    As a sidenote, hearing you talk of New Englanders not taking well to having people tell them what to do, let me assure you that southerners are as bad, if not worse. We dumped tea, too (Charleston), and the county I grew up in (Horry County) never officially asceded back into the union after the war between the states.
    I now live in a small town, population of about 2,000 (yes, two thousand), without a single homeowners association within the city limits (that I know of), probably because the shotguns, handguns, archery sets, crossbows, throwing knives, and ninja throwing stars FAR outnumber the residents by a more than 10 to 1 ratio. I laugh to even think of what would happen if a “Cruella” were to pop up in my town!! She’d be drawn and quartered. Or at least chased out of town.

  5. After hearing this story, I now detest even more Homeowner’s Associations. “I fart in their general direction.”

  6. Homeowner’s Associations scare me; that’s why I don’t live in a neighborhood that has one. Great episode.

  7. Ron – great story & excellent delivery (as always). You obviously have a great talent for telling stories, so I’m glad you finally found an outlet for it.
    Keep up the great work!

  8. Wow…so glad your persistence paid off. What an awesome view. I’m a newbie by way of Psycheology…I think I’ll stick around!
    Susan/Marietta, GA

  9. Anson Li from Vancouver, Canada |

    Ron, Ron, Ron! I listened to your show early in the morning and realized…”OMG, there’s no ending. I’d have to wait till I got off school to see your backyard. That was cruel.” Great episode. I loved this one a lot.

  10. Great story Ron, it had everything
    including a great villain, some wisdom (how to handdle a bureaucracy) and an unusual battle (War of the Wind-Wall!)
    I really liked it

  11. Great episode—but wait ‘til you see what a homeowners’ association in Tampa is doing. Can you imagine a hundred-dollar a day fine for a woman putting a sign in her yard supporting her husband, who is serving in Iraq?

  12. Ron (The Griddlemaster) |

    Hmmm…I haven’t seen Cruella in a while. I’m wondering if she moved to Tampa?

  13. Bill (San Jose, CA) |

    Thought you of all people would enjoy and appreciate this:
    Yesterday, I set up Podcaster (a recently added free TiVo related service) on one of the DVRs in my home and of course added Griddlecakes Radio first to my Favorites.
    To try it out, I started listened to this Griddlesode and my son walked in right when you introduced Cruella and decided to sit down and join me. We both howled with each devlopment and speculated on the next twist. Afterward he asked about and we discussed interesting related topics.
    Made me nostlgic for the simple pleasures of gathering around a radio listening to funny or thrilling stories of old shows – high technology deja vu!
    Thanks for providing the catalyst for a most enjoyable afternoon for both my son and I!
    Looking forward to your next ‘flip’.

  14. Ron (The Griddlemaster) |

    It’s emails and posts like this that help me believe that I’m on the right track. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Ken from Murphy TX |

    This was a fantastic episode. Here in Murphy TX. I could not buy a new house that wasn’t in a neighborhood without an HOA (episode 13 ). Your story brought every fear of mine to life. How did Cruella have a Sith like hold of the Board? Is there a good story there?

  16. Ron, having gone through a similar circumstances a few years ago with my home owners association, I was ROTF when I listened to this episode. Mine was over what color you could paint the house.
    HOA’s seem to attract folks who have this need for power and control over others but were never able to achieve it in any other manner.
    Another great episode!

  17. The Bear in Japan |

    I load the podcasts onto my MP3 player and listen as I do the walking my doctor yells at me to do. Had trouble with this walk as I was bending over laughing at Cruella. Her type is why I will never buy into a HOA.


  19. Dear Ron (and of course, the Other Ron):
    I loved the story of the HOA you are subject to! I came across your podcast quite by accident last week. I loved the first episode I heard and am now catching-up on all the old ones.
    Your experiences, while extreme, are definitely not unique. I (very briefly) crossed over to the dark side and joined my HOA here in Denver just to get a couple architectural changes through the design review. Once I had the design change and the construction underway, I resigned. (But not before proposing and getting passed a few changes that will make my HOA a bit easier to deal with!)
    I hope that you’re enjoying the new construction. It looks lovely there.
    Keep up the good work!

  20. The Griddlemaster |

    Hi Don,
    Now that sounds like an interesting way to get something throught the HOA! I gotta thin about that one for the future.

  21. Susan, I just noticed your post…sorry that I missed it.
    Here in SoCal, the majority of new home developments have HomeOwners Associations. So, if you want to buy a house in this area, you are forced to join.

  22. Mr. Bill from Nebraska |

    Reading this podcast was a great way to start a new year!
    You helped me forget about all of my troubles for a joyous few minutes.
    I know I’m almost 2 years behind the rest of you but that’s the joy of time shifting. Hopefully I’ll get caught up by next Christmas.
    Mr. Bill