Griddlesode #22: The Chess Set

In this Griddlesode, we learn what “pikelets” are, meet two listeners (Jon and Ed), and then tell a personal story about his grandfather.

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  • Dark Matters Astronomy Podcast

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  1. Very moving episode Ron, and told in your usual enthralling manner. Congratulations on another very well done episode.
    PS – Regarding the Pikelets recipe, it’s a family secret, but I’m sure my Mum won’t mind giving it away if you really want

  2. Corey - Red Jazz |

    Great show Ron. Really enjoyed hearing how chess kept you and your grandfather in communication even when it wasn’t quite possible by other means. Definately painted a picture of the scene in my mind.

  3. Anson from Vancouver |

    Thanks for sharing a very personal story re: Chess Set. Very ironic in that you have a better relationship with your non-biological grandfather than I have with my grandfather simply because our last names don’t match. Well, that’s another matter.

  4. Ken from Murphy TX |

    Again another winning episode. This is an episode that really moved me. I am somewhat envious of the great relationship you had and the grace and dignity it displayed.
    Prior to the episode I felt it would be corny to actually offer to get together for dinner prior to listening to this episode. Now I feel I must offer dinner next time I visit and I would love a game of chess.

  5. Hey Ron!
    This may be a little light for a show like this one, but…
    Was it just me, or was the Other Ron a little more grumpy than usual after your story about your Grandfather? Is it possible that he was suffering from the “I’ve-just-got-something-in-my-eye” reflex? You know, where someone acts a lot tougher or (in the Other Ron’s case) grumpier to hide the fact that they were really moved by the story? Of course, there’s no way to know for sure since he will deny it either way.

  6. Oh, Sarah. He put’s on a gruff exterior, but he’s just a big ol’ softie on the inside!

  7. Norman Naylor |

    Here I am proving that podcasts are actually a form of time travel as I listened to this a full four years after it was produced. VERY TOUCHING! I haven’t any idea how you knew, way back in 2006, that I was going to convert my grandfathers’ audiobiographies from analog tape to digital MP3 the day before listening to this story in 2010. You are, indeed, miraculous!
    Thanks for a TERRIFIC tale, masterfully told!