Griddlesode #23: An Unexpected Visitor

In this Griddlesode, we play some listener voicemail, the “other Ron” answers questions from listener Joe, and then an unexpected visitor arrives.

And, If you are here to listen to the other half of the show, checkout Episode #22 of Bell’s in the Batfry.  Here are four ways to get the show:

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Most of the music for this Griddlesode was found on the Podshow Podsafe Music Network Here is a list of the songs as heard in the order by which they were played…err, a list of one!

  • “Up and Go” by Rory

Due to the demise of The Podsafe Music Network/Mevio, we’ve removed all of the broken links and have attempted to replace them with direct links to the artist’s properties. If you are the artist and would like us to update these links, please contact us at griddlecakes*at*


  1. Great episode. I’ll admit I have not listened to “Bell’s in the Batfry” yet, simply because there are only so many hours in the day. I will do my best to catch it as soon as I can.

  2. FirstPersonShow-Kevin |

    Great show Ron. a few comments:
    1) my 10 year old is writing the script for his first podcast after hearing “his favourite podcsat”—this episode of your show. He’s gonna have silly voices and wacky comedy. Thanks for inspiring him!
    2) My fave bit of the show was when The-Other-Ron talked to you on the phone and even his theme music came down the phone! Maybe he IS the star afterall!

  3. Corey - Red Jazz |

    Nice intro Ron! I believe that makes you and John “Triple P’s”…Podcast Parody Pioneers