Griddlesode #27: Payback

In this Griddlesode, we discuss being the “Pick of the Day” over at Podcast Pickle, talk about teenagers, play an original piece called “Music All Around Us,” and then tell a story called “Payback.”

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On this Griddlesode, we featured:

  • “Showdown at the bridge” by: Eric Dietrich


  1. Thanks for the mention, Ron. I’m always happy to feature the Griddle.
    Regarding your story, it does my heart good to hear about a bully get their comeupance. Let’s hope the little girl with the Coke bottle glasses gave him what for, too.
    Can’t wait to hear your extended “comedy drama” thing!

  2. Awesome story, and thanks for the Mother’s Day well-wishes.
    And… 2 teenagers… *sigh* Better you than me. Oh wait, I’ll have 3 of the little buggers in their teens in a few years.

  3. Hi Ron (and Ron). Great griddlesode! Loved the Stan Freberg clip at the beginning. Rumble rumble rumble. Mutiny mutiny mutiny.

  4. Haha, Ron, you crack me up. I have never heard a better story teller. I was listening walking to my train from work, and arrived at the platform just as the saliva was welling in your mouth. I had to pause it due to the noisy trains and the suspense was killing me, until it was quiet enough to listen again. Keep up the great work!

  5. Kevin from FirstPersonShow |

    Another great show Ron. Congrats on getting your bit “A Few Good Men” take-off played on the omni-powerful DSC last week

  6. Matt from Huber Heights, OH |

    R & R I’m new to podcasting and fotunately stumbled across your podcast by searching for storytelling/podcasting on Google. Your show has been very enjoyable and inspirational. Keep up the good work.

  7. Norman Naylor |


    Amazing job with this story as well- you really set the story up well. I was transported with you, back through time and space, to a dusty middle school playground and a couple of big-mouthed twerps.

    One question, why DIDN’T you play organized ball with a coach for a Dad and a natural swing? (Were you trying to stay under the radar so that the Yankees wouldn’t try to get you on their roster and the Red Sox would?)

    Keep up the fine work!