Griddlesode #3: Video vs. Audio

In this Griddlesode, we take a look at the differences between podcasting and videocasting. Then, we listen in on some strange sounds that are coming out of a local barn at night.


  1. Now where have I heard this before? Hmm…….

  2. Hi! I’ve just recently found your podcast and have begun back at the beginning rather than start with newer ones, so if you’ve updated this, I just haven’t gotten there yet. I agree that podcasts allow us to listen while doing other things – in fact I listen to podcasts more than I do music on my Zune because it’s great when I’m driving or walking my dog. HOWEVER, vodcasts do also have their place. I’m a frequent traveler for my job. Vodcasts can be great entertainment while on flights, train rides, etc. Not that a podcast can’t do the same, but it’s a similar decision as when you decide to listen to your radio or watch television when in your home. It’s an alternative. I also have several co-workers who watch vodcasts on their commute into work (trains, buses, and the like – not while driving!). Just a warning to now write them off so quickly. Each has a home on my Zune, I just use them for different times and purposes. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Dona,
    Yeah, this Griddlesode was created three years ago…and my ideas for video have progressed with the technology…there was no YouTube or Zune back then! When you get a little farther into the podcast, you’ll actually see that I’m a video producer now. I like both mediums for storytelling. One is eyes and hands free, and the other is much better at communicating information in a visual way.
    Thanks and have fun going through the back catalog!

  4. Very cool! I look forward to catching up and hearing all about out. Now, off to walk my dog and listen to the next episode (probably still from 3 years ago…I’ll get there!

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