Griddlesode #S2-006: The Book

In this Griddlesode, Ron tells the story of the most powerful business book he’s ever read.

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following artists in order of appearance:

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

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  1. Very cool story, Ron. I think some of us (perhaps from our upbringing) just seem to have more awareness or place more relevance in where we come from (to better control where we are headed?). That can be from a career standpoint (taking the analog route) or from the people perspective (your stories often include quite respectfully older relatives, colleagues, people on your paper route, etc). If I had your knack for story-telling, I think I’d be telling similar stories. They always interest me.
    As a side note, I’ve not read a lot of books, but I instantly knew what timeless book you were referring to as I listened. I gave myself bonus points for that!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. The Griddlemaster |

    Thanks for the compliments, John. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Oh, and Griddlecakes Radio officially grants John his bonus points!

  3. Hi Ron, Great story! I also had a “Marty” in my life. My story also had a similar ending. Take care!
    Posted by mantone – 22 Nov 2006 at 12:32 PM

  4. Norman Naylor |

    Hi Ron,

    Like John R, I too knew EXACTLY what book you were referring to. I used to have a copy of the book on tape and I pretty much wore it out. Fortunately, I recently found the audio version on MP3, so I (and “those perspicacious Chinese”) are back in business- if only I can kick this addiction to your podcast…

    GREAT JOB spreading the word.