Griddlesode #S2-009: The Griddlecakes Zone

In this Griddlesode, the show finds itself in an alternative podcast reality.

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following recording artists in order of appearance:

  • “Lost” by: Thehipcola
  • “Searching For You” by: Critical Mass

Please support these recording artists by purchasing their music.  They make Griddlecakes Radio possible.

Also, here is a link to Bells in the Batfry.

Due to the demise of The Podsafe Music Network/Mevio, we’ve removed all of the broken links and have attempted to replace them with direct links to the artist’s properties. If you are the artist and would like us to update these links, please contact us at griddlecakes*at*


  1. Ron – the podcast suggested you’d include a link to the Bats in the Belfry podcast too.. I’m not successful finding it myself, and don’t see a link here – can you share?
    (a relatively new, but dedicated listener via iTunes.)

  2. Oops! Here is the link:
    Bells in the Batfry
    It is also located under the “My Playlist” section in the left bar of the website. And, as I promised (but forgot!), I’ve added it to the shownotes.
    Thanks for the reminder, Debby!
    Posted by Ron – 02 Jan 2007 at 07:20 PM

  3. Trying to slyly squeeze me out of the credits, eh?? Great episode, as always, regardless of my contribution!
    ———–John Bell (Bell’s in the Batfry)

  4. Dave (San Ramon, CA) |

    Who other than John Bell to be the voice for *anything*? (Other than the little voice inside your head, that is.) Now if you could only find a way to work Miss Schmackleheimer into a Griddlesode…

  5. Now there’s an idea, Dave!
    Hmmm…let me put some thought to that one.