Griddlesode #S2-019: Cartwheeling Trout

In this Griddlesode, Ron tells a story about a parent’s trip to the emergency room: Cartwheeling Trout

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  1. I want to be a voice!!!!

  2. I’ve been to two E.R.s with two of my three boys for stitches and somehow managed to escape a social worker. Maybe it’s different for girls, or California maybe…

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Interesting…it very well could be a California thing…or a hospital policy thing. I dunno.

  4. Scott from Texas |

    Howdy Ron,
    I also have been to the ER twice. As Jeff did. Once with my son and once with my daughter. Both times we had the social worker thing to deal with. Not a comfortable situation. Maybe Jeff doesn’t look enough like a “bad” parent.
    Enjoyed it as usual. Thanks!
    Scott from Texas (working on the dumpster side of the building from Jeff!)

  5. Scott’s dumpster is actually quite lovely as dumpsters go. We just have a LAKE on our side of the building!

  6. Hello Ron,
    My name is Paul Mount and our family loves Griddlecakes Radio. We listen to them when we go on drives, or are working around the house. I have too many favorites to mention. I am a school teacher and thought it would be an adventure to have a podcast from our elementary school. What do I need to make this possible? How much will it cost?
    I tthink it will be a great way to motivate students to write. Looking forward to you response and many more great griddlesodes.

  7. The Griddlemaster |

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to have you and your family as listeners to the show. Please write to me at and we can discuss your podcasting questions.

  8. Mablejuanita |

    Hi Ron! I can see that I need to add coverage for cartwheeling girls on our medical plan! Thanks for carrying your health plan ID card with you and calling the nurse line before you went to ER! I’m glad that this was a positive outcome for you and your daughter! I really enjoyed this story as I do all your stories. I also really enjoy the music on all your shows. Great job!

  9. Ducks Rule!!! They dropped the Mighty and are now only known as the Anaheim Ducks. The “Pond” changed ownership and is now the Honda Center. But could be called the Honda Ponda. They also won the Stanley Cup this last season.
    Ducks Fan,
    History Podcast