Griddlesode #S2-022: Kodachrome Memories

In this Griddlesode, Ron tells a story of summertimes past and the warm memories associated with them.

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following artists:

  • Turnstile by Eric Diedrich
  • Here Comes The Summer by Critical Mass
  • Meadows by Eric Diedrich
  • Time Marches On by Rick Jamison

And thanks to Ed Vawter of the Searching the Internet podcast, and of course, Tim Webb of the Weekly Dose Music Podcast

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  1. its wasnt as good as the “I” word but it was still wiked!!!!

  2. Kevin@FirstPersonShow |

    Ron, (Ron Speilberg)
    As an American living outside the US, I’m probably the last to have found out, but what do you think of the new Bionic Woman TV show that I saw a preview for on YouTube?
    p.s. Heroes is about to make it here via the BBC.

  3. I made my 1st film in 1977 with a wind-up regular 8mm camera… the kind you had to go in a closet and turn the film over after 2 minutes. Most of my childhood history is on 8mm Kodachrome film… NOW I’m going to have to digitize it all as well!!!
    Great show as usual… I can’t stand it!

  4. Mike Donaghy |

    Will you consider putting the film up ?

  5. Whoa, I’m having a hard time keeping up with you folks!
    Will—Man, I think I set the bar too high!
    Kevin—I actually got the idea for this story when I saw the commercial for the new Bionic Woman TV show…now you know!
    JTM—I used an outfit called HomeMovieDepot. A bit expensive, but I was VERY pleased with the results.
    Mike—Now THAT is an interesting idea! Do you really think people would wanna see it? The music that I put to it isn’t PodSafe, so I’d have to release it silent. Interesting thought though. Anyone else?

  6. emeraldrose63 |

    Enjoyed the show and your story.. I loved the Bionic Woman. I wish they would come on on TV land..
    I’d love to see the reruns..

  7. GoogleVideo it, I’ll watch it with great interest.

  8. I would like to see the video as well

  9. Ron,
    Great story. I can really relate. Around 1982, three friends and I made a movie for our “World Cultures” class in high school. We used a Super8 camera and filmed it at my friend Dave’s house (a farm). Since it had to be related to our class, it was entitled “In Search of King Tut.” We filmed it all in one day, but my narration still had to account for the snow as the “white sands of Egypt” And like you, the keeper of the film put it on VHS and presented a copy to each of us at our 10-year class reunion. I’ll cast another vote for you to put this video on YouTube for us to see!

  10. I would watch it if you posted it.

  11. I would love to see your movie. I am hooked on your stories and your ability as a story teller. I think it would be great to see a story in a different medium.

  12. Ron,
    Loved this podcast. It brought me back, way back to the old neighborhood and memories of the great times we all had. I often think about how lucky we were to have great friends to spend quality time with. It puzzles me today why you never see kids outside playing street hockey and touch football as we often did. Thanks for bringing me back to memory lane and the great times in the mink field!!!!

  13. The Griddlemaster |

    Ah folks…that last post was from THE Debbie, of Bionic Girl fame!


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