Griddlesode #S3-002: Podenstein

In this Special Edition Griddlesode, Ron introduces an audio extravaganza called: Podenstein

Check out the website for Podenstein.  There you’ll find a complete list of the Podenstein Cast and Crew.

Podenstein was created using the following tools:

Timeline for today’s show:

  • 00:00 to 04:29 Intro and Explanation
  • 04:30 to 32:11 Podenstein
  • 32:12 to 35:01 Podenstein Credits
  • 35:02 to 35:48 Outtro to end
  • 35:49 to 46:22 Post Show Extra: Podenstein and Collaborative Podcasting

And visit us at PodcampSoCal on Thursday, September 27, 2007.


  1. Ron, fabulous Griddlesode, though I am biased! Thrilling hearing your characters brought to life, with those individuals I’ve enjoyed listening to or watching in such different contexts before tonight. I am looking forward to the further discussion of the virtual theater group and Podcamp Socal at the Podcasting and New Media Expo. Great show, and thank you for this opportunity.

  2. Clinton (comedy4cast) |

    Classy and a classic! Great job all around.

  3. I like it
    What’s next A Pod-Wolf?

  4. That’s quite the accomplishment! …And it only took a year and a half, eh? Is the NEXT one already in the works, or will we have to wait ANOTHER year and a half for “Bride of Podinstein” or “Son of Podenstein” or “Podenstein meets Abbot & Costello?”

  5. Podenstein was a delight. I was blown away. Thank you all!

  6. Hi Ron,
    Enjoyed the Podcast and I also like the idea of a virtual theater group. It is a great avenue for expanding and enriching the
    batter for your griddlecakes.
    The thing that brought me to your podcast and has kept me a faithful listener are your stories. I also miss the ‘Other Ron’.
    Though it is a cute stunt prutting him into contract negotiations
    think of the little kids who listen to your podcast. Don’t they get
    enough of that nonsense from their sports heroes? For them the Other Ron should stay a lovable, sometimes sarcastic, grump.
    Not a primadonna. If this is how you plan to eliminate the
    ‘Other Ron’ I ask you, ‘Please don’t.’
    Yours in pancakes,
    Rob Garrity,

  7. Hey Ron this is Bethany from New York. I was listen ing to one of your episoded (can’t remember whichone though) But tell Stephanie(y?)That she’s not hte only girl on the plant that only gets one ear piercing =p

  8. Great show, Ron! One of the best Griddleskits!

  9. A Wonderful Girddlesode. The story was great, and the acting was superb!

  10. Hey, guys! It was so much fun working on this project with you. It’s incredible just how much exposure we have all received for this radio drama. Thanks Jeff, Rob, and William for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful project!

  11. This is Bethany agian , I’m so sorry about the spelling. I was in study hall and the bell rang. What I meant to say was “ tell your daughter that she is not the only one on the planet that is allow only one puncture per ear lobe” Sory, I’ll check my spelling next time.Also in the “Blink Moments” You didn’t spend lot of time on the fact that you went to ITALY!!!!!! Could you please made a show on that? I have always wanted to go there. Love Your show (I bet you hear that a lot ,but I really do it is great for car trips, You should make a series of Griddles on the road or something like that)

  12. Thanks, Bethany. Let me put the muse to work on a Griddlesode for my trip to Italy