Griddlesode #S3-004: Pregnancy: A Guy’s View

In this Griddlesode Ron discusses the odd social constructs surrounding a pregnant woman.

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following artists:

I mentioned that there was a brush fire that I could see while recording this show.  Please go to my Griddlecakes Radio Flickr Page to see photos of the Santiago Fire.

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  1. If someone asked me, “Do you want a boy or girl?” I’d probably say, “Neither.”
    Good thing I’m not married or planning on having kids…

  2. Ron, feeling very ‘in sync’ with you today. I got the Ubu connection the moment you said it, no explanation needed, and also the ‘guys’ view of pregnant women.
    Once you started talking about it, I was a step ahead of you. Every time you started one thing, I thought “what about this other thing”, and then you’d hit the other thing. For instance, yes, pregnant women are immediately attractive. And yes, I get immediately protective, especially if I know her.
    The personal questions never bothered us, though. Though I’d never think to ask a name, and out of principal, I keep my hands to myself, so belly feeling is out of the question.
    And we skipped lamaze entirely. Better you than I.
    It was great meeting you at Podcamp Boston last month. Look forward to whatever we get from you in the future.

  3. Hi Ron,
    I love the purse comment. I don’t go near my wife’s purse.
    Growing up, my mother forbade me from going in her purse. Funny enough, we had dinner with my parents and sister this past weekend. Leaving the restaurant, my mother was putting on her coat and needed something from her purse. She asked me to get it. I had been so conditioned by her, I refused.