Griddlesode S4-001: Paper Clip Pinky


In this Griddlesode, Ron talks about the risks of playing basketball in a story called: Paper Clip Pinky.

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following artists:

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  1. FirstPersonShow-Kevin |

    Good to hear from you (via the show, of course) again Ron. Nice the way the how is interspersed with audio from your b-ball playing friends. Come on, geek-out and let us know what you used to record when you were out and about?

  2. Hi Kev! Good to hear from you too!
    Okay, for all of you geeky audio folks out there, I recorded the basketball old guys using my:
    iRiver IFP-899 (Sorry, it’s discontinued)
    and my Sony ECMMS907 microphone

  3. Good episode as usual Ron, hope your finger feels better soon.

  4. Ron, this was the first time I have been on Griddlecakes You are amazing. Your reporting was concise, entertaining and fun. Your description of us, old guys, was right on. I really enjoyed the music in between takes.
    You have an avid fan that will listen to other stories. I may suggest that you take out a small ad in the CC weekly bulletin so other people can be entertained.
    I grew up and continue listening to “talk radio”. Your commentary reminded me of something that Andy Rooney did on 60 minutes. So, among your other names, I am dubbing you the “Andy Rooney of Corpus Christi.”

  5. It’s amazing what you can do with office supplies and duct tape. OUCH!
    What happened to the “Other” Ron? I expected his snarky comments during your operation. Was his contract not renewed for the 4th season?

  6. SK in Atlanta, GA |

    Ron, Thanks for the new episode. Wonderful as always. You
    are such a great storyteller! I am staying subscribed forever,
    and will cherish any new episodes you can offer whenever
    you feel like doing one.
    I have to say that I wondered where The Other Ron was too.
    Tell him he was missed!

  7. Great podcast, Ron. Whatta bunch of characters your basketball buddies are. I would encourage that Mike guy to seek a career in the medical profession. Seems to be on the ball.
    I like the way this kind of storytelling just slows everything down. We’re so used to the slam-bang pace of TV and movies. Very entertaining.

  8. This was a lot of fun, Ron! I loved it. The quality of your audio was pretty impressive.. and your story was really great to listen to.
    p.s. Your voice has deepened since 7th grade. Who KNEW?!!

  9. Hey thanks for the episode Ron. Sorry about your finger. Where was the Other Ron?
    Thanks again,

  10. Hey Ron,
    I listened to paper clip pinky and definitely had a laugh I like you reference to the 6 million dollar man!! Oh by the way Advil is the only thing that works for pain…

  11. I love your show. But try to get them out a little sooner. I’m suffering from the suspense, from lack of show. Because of your podcast, I listen to Bells in the Batfry almost as much as yours.

  12. Are you ever going to have a show again?? Have you retired? I need closure.. I need something…anything.. PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!

  13. Jenne—I’m working on one for this weekend. I promise, I’ll get it out soon! Thanks for hanging in there!

  14. Oh good. I was getting tired of looking at the paper clip… maybe not as tired as YOU are… How’s the finger now?