Griddlesode #11: Battle of Lexington

In this special edition Griddlesode we travel across the country and visit the “Birthplace of American Liberty” Lexington, Massachusetts.

Join Ron as he tells the story of the beginning of the American Revolution, from the Stamp Act in 1765 to the first bloodshed on Lexington Green.

In addition, here are three photographs for you from Lexington town center:


  1. So glad I found this podcast via History Podcast. New subscriber here, plus I posted a link and a post in my blog, . Awesome, and keep up the good work!

  2. I heard it on History Podcast also. You need to continue with what happened after Lexington Green. I’m going to listen to your earlier podcats next.

  3. Well the Lexington Green stuff was a bit of a shift from the charter—but it was well done.
    Given your Freeburgian interests I suggest you check out HansIsland Podcast
    And the Little Gray Books
    and ShillueCast
    if you haven’t already. I’m talking about the satire you’re tralking about.
    Also OFF Ramp
    (Although the podcast needs to catch up with the Real Audio downloads)