Griddlesode #16: Battle of Concord

This Griddlesode is a continuation of the story that we started in Griddlesode #11: The Battle of Lexington. Join us as describe the events of April 19, 1775 that occurred after the Battle on Lexington Green.


  1. Great show I like the new Griddleplayer on the left hand side. It makes it easier for those who don’t have a podcatcher to listen to your shows.

  2. Ron,
    This is a great show. I was mentally tuned in from start to finish. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Ron I think this the best Griddlesode yet. Do you think you could do more history-based shows?
    Thanks a lot,
    Jake B.

  4. Hi Jake,
    Every now and then when I get inspiration, I’ll do a show. Its just that they take so much time to research. But, there will be some more in the future.