Griddlesode #S2-014: Bluenose

In this Griddlesode, Ron continues the story that he started last Griddlesode.  He calls part two: Bluenose.

Thanks to Harry Wolf for sending me today’s ID.  Make sure to check out his podcast: The Harry Wolf Show.

On this Griddlesode, we featured the following recording artists in order of appearance:

  • “Smooth Sailing” by: Mark Heimonen
  • “Ocean” by: Zamarro
  • “Suspense” by: ryo_sode
  • “Melancholy” by: Mark Heimonen
  • “Black Reign” by: Comeg
  • “Race Car” by: EL84
  • “Always Evermore” by: Eric Dietrich

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  1. A surprising conclusion to a thrilling story. Much appreciated. I listened in at 1:30 AM, and I can’t wait to see my kids’ expressions when they hear the end of the story.
    You told it well with enough details to make for a fun story without getting bogged down with too much information.
    Thanks again, Ron.

  2. Another fun story. Can’t wait to ask my Canadian
    co-worker if he knows what the ‘Fisherman’s Cup’ or
    who won it. He’s always zinging me with Canadian trivia…

  3. I wish my high school teachers made history this interesting!

  4. Thanks, John. I’m glad that you enjoyed the story. I have a firm belief that there is little difference between education and entertainment, and periodically I’ll try to tell a historical story like Bluenose. I actually know the next story that I want to tell, it just takes time to do the research!

  5. Your header is a bit wonky in Opera, mate.