Griddlesode #14: Ye Olde Wikipedia

On today’s Griddlesode, we share some more listener feedback, play “The Twelve Days of Podcasting,” talk about Wikipedia-gate, and lastly, finish up with a sketch that shows how our founding fathers had to deal with the exact same problem when it came to documenting American history.

Thanks to Scott Fletcher from Podcheck Review for sending me the ID used at the beginning of the show.


Thanks to the cast of The Twelve Days of Podcasting, which include:

And lastly, thanks to listener Christy for providing the voice of Thomas Jefferson’s Secretary in the sketch called “Ye Olde Wikipedia.”


  1. Bruce Murray (The Zedcast) |

    Hi Ron,
    Thanks for making me part of your “podcast community” also loved the ‘Ye Olde Wikipedia’ sketch, probably not far off from how much of history has actually been written.
    Great show Ron, – Bruce
    – –
    Bruce Murray
    Host of The Zedcast

  2. Corey James Scribner - Red Jazz Radio |

    Loved the tribute to “Chris” by the way. Sounds like an impressive guy but can he run a sub-4 minute mile WHILE playing his guitar better than Eddie Van Halen?

  3. Great show again! I especially enjoyed the song. It was very catchy and I loved all the different voices.

  4. Hi Ron,
    I loved the skit. I think George Wahington ended up in Marketing at my old company
    I appreciate the comparison of Wikipedia to the old trustworthy encyclopedias we grew up with. I have certainly seen my share of Wikipedia pages that were much more opinion than fact…and the occasional falsehood thrown in.
    A similar crisis now is emerging and getting attention with the financial difficulties that mainstream journalism is facing. Will we be able to trust online sources the same as we trusted the NYT or WSJ? And who will do the grunt reporting?
    At the same time, we need to realize that a hardcover book is not necessarily any more reliable. The scandals in the textbook industry over the past few years are well documented. Lots of errors and opinions forced by overzealous lobbyists.
    From my perspective, Wikipedia is not as reliable as the old trusted news sources, but its a vast improvement over what we had before…searching out pages and looking thru them all to try to get the truth. At least its a good starting point.
    Keep up the good work.